Video: motorist tries to drive off with a clamp on his car

The moment a driver in Kensington tried to drive his car away, seemingly oblivious to the fact he's been clamped

Video: motorist tries to drive off with a clamp on his car
The driver doesn't seem to realise that his car has been clamped.

The footage appeared online after two men looked on in disbelief as the driver did his best to drive off – while his car was locked in place with a wheel clamp.

The men watching the event unfold provide amusing commentary as the driver gives it some revs, goes forwards and backwards but fails to get anywhere fast.

Eventually, another man comes to the rescue and stops the driver before he does anymore damage to his car.

The man behind the wheel can be seen getting out of the car and looking at the clamp on bewilderment before walking off, leaving his car abandoned.

The car was parked outside the Park Tower in Knightsbridge, London.

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