Video: Technical clutch centre reveals causes of clutch wear

Clutch alignment tips and why you should always check DMFs for wear

Video: Technical clutch centre reveals causes of clutch wear
The Borg & Beck range includes clutches from a diameter of 160mm up to 480mm, covering everything from cars to HGVs.

Housed at the First Line Group HQ in Banbury is what’s believed to be the country’s only technical
clutch centre.

Here, a specialist clutch team systematically tests components to diagnose faults, analyse warranty claims and carry out prolonged performance trials.

Using an assortment of rigs, they are able to carry out a variety of testing including the release travel and pressure plate departure of cover assemblies, the torsional vibration and cushion deflection curves of drive plates/DMF, the static assessment of DMFs and the performance and durability of concentric slave cylinders (CSCs).

Spline location

On GW’s visit to the centre for GW Views, Peter Hughes, the senior clutch engineer at Borg & Beck, told us that a large proportion of clutch warranty claims are related to alignment issues, which can cause clutch judder, drag or even loss of drive.

Tricky spline location when offering the gearbox back up to the engine is often to blame, with some technicians admitting to have used longer bolts to pull the gearbox/bell housing forcibly to the back of the engine…

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