VMs highlighted for DPF problems

DPF Clean Team publish a list of top ten vehicles that generate the most enquiries for DPF problems

VMs highlighted for DPF problems
The Mazda 6 came second in the top ten list of vehicles that generated the most enquiries at DPF Clean Team.

Drivers of Mercedes Sprinter vans and Mazda 6 attracted 43.5 per cent of the volume seen by the company between them this year.

However, despite these findings, Cameron Bryce, director at DPF Clean Team said that it is not necessarily the type of vehicle that determines whether or not it will have a DPF problem, but the way a DPF, catalytic converter or silencer is maintained.

He said: “Fleet vehicles doing lots of short journeys are more likely to experience an issue because a unit is not given the required time to regenerate.

“Our advice to fleet managers and drivers is to seek help immediately whenever the DPF warning light is illuminated on the dashboard because the more you leave a problem, the worse it can get.

“Make sure that you take your vehicles on regular long journeys to allow the DPF to regenerate and have it checked and cleaned regularly in order to keep it operating to full capacity.”

The company analysed its database to discover the most popular vehicle makes and models to be referred to them for DPF issues, with the majority of enquiries coming from fleet managers.

Among the types of van that have been referred to DPF Clean Team for issues with a blocked DPF, catalytic converter or SCR silencer unit, the Mercedes Sprinter comprises 22 per cent of enquiries, closely followed by Volkswagen Crafter vans, which comprise 12 per cent of all enquiries.

The Ford Transit justifies its place at the top of the most recent FN50 van reliability survey, with only five per cent of enquiries being received for this type of vehicle.

Car fleets name the Mazda 6 as the most problematic vehicle fitted with a DPF, with 21 per cent of enquiries coming from this model.

The BMW 120, 320 and 520 series comes a close second with 13 per cent of enquiries, while BMW 330 and 530 models also made the top five.

DPF Clean Team data for top 10 vehicle enquiries
  1. Mercedes Sprinter
  2. Mazda 6
  3. BMW 120/320/520
  4. Volkswagen Crafter
  5. Isuzu N Series
  6. BMW 330/530
  7. DAF
  8. Ford Transit
  9. Volkswagen Transporter
  10. Renault Traffic

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