Why you should change cabin filters in the winter

Filter-trapped summer pollen and pollutants only become noticeable in the winter, explains MAHLE

Why you should change cabin filters in the winter
If workshops struggle to convince customers about cabin filter replacements, show them the contamination captured by an old cabin filter, MAHLE advises.

While service workshops tend to recommend cabin filter replacement at springtime, pollen and pollutants that become deposited in the filter during summer months only become really noticeable in winter, according to MAHLE Aftermarket.

Fogged windows, decreased heater performance and unpleasant odours are among the most obvious symptoms.

During an hour-long drive, up to 100,000 litres of air is passed through the passenger compartment, and in a commercial vehicle, this can rise to as much as 540,000 litres.

Harmful pollutants

The air contains pollen, dust, soot, smoke, tyre and brake abrasion dust, apart from the significant health hazards created by ozone, gases, benzene and sulphur compounds drawn into the ventilation system.

Regular cabin filter replacement will ensure harmful pollutions are kept away from the passenger compartment.

As with turbo replacement, the extensive range of MAHLE Original pollen and carbon-activated cabin filters provide the independent service sector with a guarantee of OE quality and specification.

MAHLE Aftermarket advises garages to show their customers the contamination captured by an old cabin filter.

For more information about the quality products available from MAHLE Aftermarket, call 0845 688 5007 or click ‘more details’ below.

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