12 month interest-free credit on Inductor Pro-Max

Now available with 12 months credit and at a reduced 'buy it now' price

12 month interest-free credit on Inductor Pro-Max

Using high frequency magnetic fields (induction heat), Pro-Max removes all types of adhesives bonded to metal, releases seized hardware from corrosion or thread lock compounds – all without the collateral damage normally associated with conventional methods.

This tool is currently available with 12 month’s interest free credit at just £183 per month + VAT.

The Pro-Max is also available to buy now for just £1,895 + VAT, that’s a saving of £300 +VAT off list price.

Inductor Pro-Max includes:
  • PRO-MAX™ High Performance Inverter
  • Attachments: U-211, U-311, U- 411
  • L-Wedges / Manual / Tutorial Video
Features and benefits:
  • High performance/ energy efficient inverter (maximizes use of a 120v/20a circuit).
  • Rated: Input 2200w max output 2000w.
  • Audible and visual power indicators.
  • Fine tuning linear power control.
  • Pneumatic foot switch (resilient to dirt and water).
  • UL/CSA GFCI for user safety.
  • Inductor attachments, instantly heat ferrous metals without the collateral damage to nearby plastics.
  • Storage for attachments included.

For full details, applications and specifications select ‘more details’ below.

Valid : Until December 31st, 2015

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