Hickleys PWM power pro tester

The only tester capable of driving both DC and PWM components on today's complex vehicles

Hickleys PWM power pro tester

More and more of today’s vehicles are using Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) motors, actuators and solenoids but you can’t simply test them by directly applying 12 volts.

This can cause expensive misdiagnosis.

Save time and money by testing the component right the first time around.

PWM Power Pro is the only tester that can adjust the output percentage from 0 per cent – 100 per cent to effectively pinpoint the cause of the failure.

Available from Hickleys, this kit is currently £199.00 +VAT.

PWM Power Pro can drive:
  • Fuel pumps
  • Cooling fans
  • EGR/EVAP solenoids
  • Drive-by-wire actuators
  • HVAC blower motors/blend doors
  • And much more
Kit contents:
  • Tester with 7ft cables
  • 2x 3ft, 40A test leads
  • 2x Battery clips
  • 2x Alligator clips
  • 2x Female spade probes
  • 1x Male spade probe
  • Power supply: 11-18VDC
  • Over temperature: Heat sink > 120 ºF (output disabled)
  • Output current: 0-40A (high side/low side drive)
  • Over current: >40A (output disabled)
  • Current display: 0-40A (0.1A resolution)
  • Continuous on time: Two mins at 40A, ten mins at 20A
  • PWM rate: 15kHz 25 mins at 10Aate, 30 mins at 5A
  • PWM range: 0-100 per cent duty

For more information and to order yours, follow the ‘More Details’ link below or call 01823 328 531.

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