Win a brand-new courtesy car for your workshop in this Platinum promo

Other prizes include Hobnobs, Platinum playing cards and travel mugs

Win a brand-new courtesy car for your workshop in this Platinum promo
Be in for the chance to win a courtesy car.

PLATINUM International are giving away over 100,000 scratch cards through the Independent Aftermarket, to you, the Factor,  with the chance  of winning a branded courtesy car for one of your garages.

The prizes don’t stop there, with 24,000 packs of Hobnobs, 9,500 packs of Platinum playing cards and 10,000 travel mugs, there’s over forty per cent of winning scratch cards.

For every one hundred batteries you purchase over these months, you will receive one promotional pack.

Promotional packs

  • One hundred Platinum/ Oldham/ Tungstone Flyers to hand out with every battery order, outlining to your garages the opportunity of winning a car.
  • One hundred stickers to put on your invoices saying contact us for your Platinum/ Oldham/ Tungstone scratch cards.
  • One hundred Platinum/ Oldham/ Tungstone scratch cards.
  • Scratch cards prizes: 24 packs of hobnobs.
  • Scratch cards prizes: Nine Platinum playing cards.
  • Scratch cards prizes: Ten Platinum / Oldham / Tungstone travel mugs.

The promotion will start for the garages from 1 December and will run all the way through until the end of February.

For more about Platinum, click ‘more details’ below.

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