SIP showcases latest offers in winter promotion

Heaters, chargers and power packs all featured in seasonal brochure

SIP showcases latest offers in winter promotion

SIP’s winter offers booklet is continuing to run throughout the remainder of this year and into 2019, offering exclusive deals on a range of top-selling and brand new products.

SIP is reintroducing its full comprehensive range of seasonal lines that have already proven and will continue to prove popular, including a full range of ERP-compliant Fireball heaters.

Whether you are in need of a diesel, paraffin, or kerosene space heater, an electric fan or infrared unit, or a portable propane heater, SIP has models to suit all trade, professional, and industrial-grade applications.

To join our complete heating range, SIP are also happy to announce the expansion of its battery charging and starting collection, which includes mobile and glovebox Chargestar units, through to the Startmaster range, suitable for garages and workshops, and for easy van, truck, and fleet maintenance.

The 100BSU power pack is also available, suitable for all kinds of ECU reprogramming and diagnostics – perfect for garages both big and small.

For more information click ‘more details’ below or call 01509 500500.

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