Garages still being targeted by ‘card not present’ tyre scam, IGA warns

Trade body calls on workshops to be wary of credit card payments amid fresh wave of cases

Garages still being targeted by ‘card not present’ tyre scam, IGA warns
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Scammers are continuing to target garages with a widely-used ‘card not present’ method where tyres are purchased over the phone using stolen card details before being collected and payment reversed by the card company, the Independent Garage Association (IGA) has said.

The trade body has received multiple new reports from its members who have been targeted by the scam.

An IGA spokesperson said: “This is a very common scam which happens nationwide on both credit and debit cards, and the RMI Legal team advised that they are continuing to receive queries regarding businesses losses due to tyres purchased with stolen credit card details.

“In previous attempts at defrauding garages, goods such as vehicles have been collected within 24 hours of the fraudulent purchase.

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“Further purchases are also attempted before the credit card company charges back the outstanding balance, leaving the trader with no goods/vehicles and no payment.

“A new development in a recent instance is that the card details used to conduct the purchase have been stolen from another garage business, who shared them via an online transaction to purchase parts.”

Garages are urged to remain vigilant when conducting card transactions in person, online and via phone.

Where transactions over the phone are necessary, Barclays bank recommends businesses obtain the card number, card expiry date, card security code, cardholders full name, address and phone number.

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In addition, the delivery address and name of the person receiving the goods should be noted, along with the gross transaction amount.

The spokesperson added: “If you are at any point unsure of the legitimacy of a transaction, do not proceed and contact your banking provider to verify your queries.

“Although there has been an increase in distance sales to help maintain business’ revenues throughout the coronavirus pandemic, as a garage, a credit card payment over the phone should be very unusual, and should immediately put you on your guard.”

IGA members can report suspicious activity, to the IGA member helpline on 0845 305 4230.

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    Scammers are continuing to target garages with a widely-used ‘card not present’ method where tyres are purchased over the phone using stolen card deta
    [See the full post at: Garages still being targeted by ‘card not present’ tyre scam, IGA warns]

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    #saynoto0845 that post is wrong the law states you CANNOT USE AN 0845 NUMBER FOR AFTERSALES. No mention of call charges or mentions of access charges.

    Iga need their arse kicking i have told them before

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    Brian Waite

    They got my garage about 5 years ago, some guy in London bought some electrical goods (Radio, Sub etc) and paid by card. A Local courier to me picked up the stuff to deliver to London, before the driver got there he got a call to say the shop was closing and could he deliver to a block of flats. As he arrived at the flats a guy came out and signed for them and then put it in his car and drove away. The driver thought it was odd so he took the reg number.

    i got stung for £1700 and the courier got stung for the delivery. We called the police with the reg number but the guy said lots of people use the car and it wasn’t him…….no action taken. I lost my goods and then got the charge back from the credit card company for the goods.

    Don’t allow card purchases now unless the person is on site with the pin number for their card.

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    Andrew Maccreadie

    We narrowly avoided being duped by this scam a few years ago, unfortunately neither the card company or the police were slightest bit interested, referring us to the worlds most useless organisation “Action Fraud” The card issuer would not even check with the card holder to see if they still had posession of the card or wether they had made the purchase. The amount of money involved was over two thousand pounds.

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    Recently had the call from the scammers, asking for 4 x Mitchelin 265/35/19Y tyres.
    Mobile number they used was 07467 163056 – beware !! Didn’t fall for it !!

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    You also have to think how can the public fit tyres anyway

    Ok so a local garage needs an xyz tyre, your going to get some greaseball to cone in for it and pay cash anyway!

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    We were caught about 5 years ago. The advice from NatWest is not true. We got hit for over £4000 which was charged back. This didn’t happen until 6 months later. We had addresses and all card details. The bank told us we had to provide a signature to keep the money. The only way to be sure is to not take any money over the phone, or only from customers you know. We did go to the press and hope our story helped a few garages out. We just wish that this important paragraph had been pointed out in the terms and conditions! We now only take up to a limit of £50 on the phone.

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    Mr T

    We had a customer phone and require about 255 35 20 Michelin tyres for a Mercedes GLC. We ordered them for customer, when i phoned to book them in to be fitted, customer told me that they were for collect only (which never happens) and could they pay over the phone, alarm bells started to ring as i remember reading the article above. Asked for payment to made by BACS and have never heard from them again. Luckily i can return tyres. Mobile used was 07501031403 under the name of Simon Peterson

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    Had a call today, guy calling himself Tyler Wiggins mobile number 07771 082769. He was looking for Michelin Pilot Spt 4 275/30/20 for BA19 KRK (but he struggled with the registration number of his car). Oddly that tyre is not a size listed for an AMG GLE 43 NIGHT EDITION. Told him it would take me a couple of days to get them and he happily said to call him when they arrive:) I knew straight off that he was full of you know what but I am not ordering the tyres and will await his call back to see if they are here.

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