Aftermarket brand reveals ‘exciting’ revenue opportunity for garages with new GDi devices

Ultrasonic cleaning device allows garages to immediately clean carbon deposits from engines

Aftermarket brand reveals ‘exciting’ revenue opportunity for garages with new GDi devices
The Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master can test the correct fuel delivery and injection timing in an engine, Delphi said.

Delphi Technologies Aftermarket is launching the production version of the Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master, a device capable of accurately testing both GDi and PFi engines, offering new revenue streams for garages.

The desktop machine is the latest addition to its GDi service program, alongside a range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, which could also present a revenue opportunity for garages.

Together with OE (original equipment) pumps, injectors and service kits for popular PSA applications, all makes electronic and hydro mechanical diagnostic tools and training, the new capability provides workshops with a high-quality, cost-effective avenue into a growing and profitable fuel injection service market, Delphi said.

“More than 80 per cent of light duty vehicles sold in 2030 are expected to have an internal combustion engine, with a growing number of these GDi,” explained Adam Lee, business unit director – Hartridge, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket.

Exciting opportunity for workshops

“We expect the overall GDi market will grow by over 30 per cent in Europe over the next five to 10 years, presenting an exciting opportunity for those workshops equipped with the right tools and know-how to service these vehicles.

Creating customer loyalty and profit

“With the addition of test and cleaning capability to our GDi program, distributors, factors and garages will now be able to offer their customers a full, end-to-end service solution, creating value, loyalty and, most importantly, profitability, in what is one of the fastest growing areas of vehicle repair.”

Testing GDi and PFi systems in five minutes

The Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master, one of a number of new generation all makes test solutions, provides workshops with the ability to diagnose GDi, both coil and piezo variants up to 235bar, as well as PFi injector technology.

Using the same award winning, patented platform and magmahTouch software as the Sabre CRi series and the Toledo HEUi Master, the plug and play machine enables comprehensive testing in as little as five minutes.

Featuring full event response time (FERT) technology, the Excalibur GDi Master can test for correct fuel delivery and injection timing, two critical parameters for GDi technology.

Delphi has said the machine also includes integrated back-flush functionality to remove contaminants from injectors before testing, a unique spray pattern analysis module to determine if the spray profile/pattern from the nozzle is correct, and a comprehensive library of automated and validated Hartridge test plans, making the whole package fast and easy to use.

Garages can quickly clean carbon deposits

As GDi injectors are located inside the engine combustion chamber, they are prone to high carbon build-up.

To address this increasingly common service issue, Hartridge also offers a range of stainless steel, ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

Delphi has claimed with cleaning cycles between one to three minutes, they can shift carbon deposits quickly, ensuring a more thorough and fast clean than other methods.

“Customers increasingly expect their car to perform just like the day they bought it,” Lee added.

“The reality is that carbon build-up can occur almost immediately, and over time will result in reduced torque, power and fuel economy.

“Regular cleaning, using one of our tanks, can help restore injectors to as good as new, optimising the vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.”

Delphi Technologies produces fuel systems, air conditioning, engine management, steering and suspension, advanced diagnostic equipment, e-catalogues and other devices for the automotive aftermarket.

Find out more about Delphi Technologies’ GDi service program by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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