Angry Jester introduces new ‘intelligent’ jump starters

Powerful, lightweight, pocket sized jump starters

Angry Jester introduces new ‘intelligent’ jump starters
Available in three colours, the jump start power units, cables and user manuals are all presented in a hard shell carry case.

The Angry Jester tool brand has introduced the JESIJS-6000/AJ intelligent jump start and mobile device charger to its battery equipment range.

Thought to be the world’s slimmest pocket jump start at this power level (6000mAh output capability), it starts 12v petrol engines up to five litres as well as small diesel engines, even with an internal car battery voltage as low as 0.05v.

This unit weighs just 170g and is the size of a standard smart phone.

The next generation 11000mAh model offers a higher output capacity but still only weighs a fraction of a bag of sugar.

The JESIJS-11000/AJ Diesel Intelligent Jump Start is recommended to start most diesel and petrol engines with a 12v system.

JESIJS-6000 AJ BLACKInnovative features

If the jump lead clamps are connected incorrectly to the battery terminals, a built-in reverse polarity protection feature will automatically block the current and protect the battery, indicated by a red LED light on the smart jump lead control box.

Other safety features include output short circuit protection where there are no sparks when the clamps connect with each other, excessive voltage and current protection, and inverse charge protection.

Both models come with a USB port, enabling you to charge most smart phones and tablets with the included 3 in 1 mobile device charging cable.

To find out more about Angry Jester and view these starters online, select ‘more details’ below.

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