AA tweet explaining it does not “prioritise based on gender” sparks backlash

Firm apologises for wording, adding that it prioritises "anyone at risk but more often than not it will be lone women"

AA tweet explaining it does not “prioritise based on gender” sparks backlash

The AA has this week been hit with social media criticism after it confirmed that it does not prioritise call outs based on gender.

A member who had broken down “at night in the dark” claimed on Twitter that she had been told by an AA call handler that the firm treats lone women and men exactly the same.

Dr Mott had said to the AA in her tweet last night: “hi @TheAA_UK I am a lone woman whose car has broken down at night in the dark.

“Your call handler has told me you treat lone women and lone men as exactly the same priority in such circumstances because ‘that’s equality’.

In another tweet, she added: “I will now wait alone in the dark for 90 minutes or more, something which as a lone woman nowhere near home is far more anxiety-provoking than it would be for a man, if you follow the news.

“I think your policies need a revamp.”

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In response, the AA said: “Hi Helen, you’ve been advised correctly.

“We don’t prioritise based on gender, we do consider the location so as an example we would prioritise someone on a motorway over someone in a supermarket carpark.”

The exchange prompted much backlash on Twitter, with some claiming that they would now be cancelling their membership.

An AA spokeswoman has said: “We accept that the wording of our initial response wasn’t great and have apologised.

“In fact, we prioritise anyone at risk but more often than not it will be lone women.

“In breakdowns involving lone women where there is any concern raised by the customer they receive the highest level of care and priority.”

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