Car dealer stopped by police for being ‘to tall’ to drive

Police stopped the man's head sticking out of a Ford StreetKa before pulling him over

Car dealer stopped by police for being ‘to tall’ to drive
When you're too big for your convertible. Image credit: Adam Elliott, Facebook.

Adam Elliott, 25, was driving through Newcastle to deliver a Ford StreetKa to a buyer when he was stopped by police who say he was distracting other drivers.

Elliott, who is 6ft 7ins tall, was issued with a court summons where he will face a charge of careless driving.

He said: “My head was crammed too low to see with the roof on so I put it down.

“I got a lot of attention and had a laugh waving at people who tooted their horns at me.

“But I wasn’t a danger.”

After being pulled over, Elliott took to his Facebook profile where he posted pictures of himself behind the wheel of the StreetKa.

He wrote: “I get a section 59 and summons for careless driving for being too big for my Ka?

“Anyone know any decent solicitors that deal with driving?”

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