CarVue discloses the business secret for success

Independents must develop customer relationships with a personal service consumers value, explains Alex Knight

CarVue discloses the business secret for success
A successful business, no matter how big or small, needs to know their customers.

CarVue’s Alex Knight has commented that independent garages have a distinct advantage over larger business and should fully exploit it.

Knight said: “They usually know their customers exceptionally well, their kids probably play for the same football team and they enjoy a quick pint in the same pub.”

This close relationship means that small businesses do not need to analyse data in the same that that large businesses do.

“You do need your customers’ information and their vehicle details including mileage, the last time it was serviced, the MOT due date and repair history stored in one place.”

Ensuring this information is readily available and easy to update will give you and your staff knowledge that your customer will be thankful for.

Knight continues: “The ability to call up a customer’s details whilst they are on the end of the phone and can see straightaway that you suggested a future brake pad change the last time you saw the car, means you know your customer and you are providing a personal but not intrusive service.”

Opting for a cloud-based management system means you overcome the haphazard approach to customer retention and database building.

“As you come to know your customer better and better, people take on more importance than the product,” Knight adds.

“Incorporating cloud-based systems into your business enables you to run a smoother operation with processes more associated with larger companies, but it also helps you to really know your customer so you can tailor your service accordingly.”

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