Classic car owners ‘blown away’ with Klarius exhaust system

Premium quality can come with a standard price when you buy the right brand, say father and son

Classic car owners ‘blown away’ with Klarius exhaust system
Father and son team John and David Baxter saved over £450 on their Klarius exhaust system.

John and David Baxter have completed a mechanical overhaul on their 1978 Mercedes 350SL thanks to a downpipe-back Klarius exhaust system, supplied by Euro Car Parts.

Martin Gray CEO of Euro Car Parts said: “We advertise Euro Car Parts as able to supply any part for any car.

“When someone challenges us by looking up a really obscure part on our website and we can supply it, it just proves we can walk-the-walk as well as talking-the-talk.

“Our Klarius stock listings are linked electronically to the stock available at Klarius’ HQ in the Midlands.

“We don’t stock a rare, slow moving part like that on the shelf in branches but due to Klarius having stock available, it meant Dave could pick it up in-store the following day – just the kind of service we are here to provide.”

Klarius053__1978_Mercedes_350SL_Exhaust_system_from_ECP_pic2_PR3475_50718David Baxter said: “The Merc was one of our higher value purchases so we wanted to do it justice, as you can imagine, buying a car of that vintage in ‘original’ condition meant we were in for a bit of work, but the build quality of those 70’s Mercs was good and it’s part of the fun of restoration to take something looking a bit sorry and return it to close to its former glory.

‘We were blown away by the weight and the solidity of the items – it was very obvious that corners had not been cut when this was produced.

“We also learnt a bit about type approval from Trevor the branch manager; he was able to explain how Klarius type-approves its exhaust CAT and DPF products and some others don’t bother as it’s not legally required for exhausts in the UK.

“The system was still massively cheaper than we were quoted for an OE supplied system and I honestly couldn’t see where the OE would be better.

“The mounting kit has all the bolts hangers, gaskets and flanges we’ll need to fit it too, which is hugely helpful.”

The father and son team saved over £450 on the exhaust and say the interior is next on the list of jobs ‘to-do’.

To find out more about Klarius products, follow the ‘More Details’ link below.

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