Boston sanitiser 99.7 per cent effective against COVID-19, lab results show

Sanitising machine generates ozone to kill viruses and bacteria with proven effectiveness against Sars-Cov-2

Boston sanitiser 99.7 per cent effective against COVID-19, lab results show

Boston’s O3-NEX professional sanitiser has been found to be ≥ 99.683 per cent effective in eliminating the infectious activity of COVID-19, official lab tests show.

The Boston O3-NEX professional sanitising machine generates ozone to kill viruses and bacteria.

Numerous studies have long proven the efficacy of ozone as a natural biocide but up until now no controlled studies existed to prove its effectiveness against Sars-Cov-2.

In order to provide such evidence, the Italian company MAHLE that manufactures the O3-NEX instructed a laboratory accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health to evaluate the O3-NEX and determine its disinfectant efficacy against COVID-19.

The lab test report states: “Based on the results obtained, it has been verified that the P1 cycle performed by the MAHLE VCT OZONE GENERATOR [O3-NEX] causes a reduction in infectious activity of ≥ 99.683 per cent.

“This result specifically confirms the effectiveness of the treatments carried out with the MAHLE VCT ozone generator [O3-NEX] product and contributes in general to demonstrating the virucidal action of ozone against the coronavirus”.

Simple and safe to use, the O3-NEX is 100 per cent environmentally friendly and suitable for use on all surfaces including textiles.

In addition to its disinfectant properties, it’s also highly effective in neutralising bad odours such tobacco and removing moulds, fungi, and dust mites.

The O3-NEX is available for £545 + VAT – select ‘more details’ below or call 01708 525585 for further information.

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