EDT Automotive adds vehicle sanitation machine to range

Anti-bacterial mist effective for long term protection coronavirus

EDT Automotive adds vehicle sanitation machine to range

Engine decontamination specialist EDT Automotive has added an interior sanitation machine to its multi-award winning portfolio.

Car interiors and air conditioning systems can be a ripe breeding ground for germs that cause illness or allergy but the new interior sanitation machine offers an anti-bacterial deep cleaning process that kills 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria.

David Holmes, director of EDT Automotive said: “COVID-19 has placed focus on transmission of germs and viruses from contact surfaces like the steering wheel, gear knob and switches.

“The new interior sanitation machine offers protection for garage staff and reassurance for customers, through a low cost but very effective treatment.”

The cleaning machine atomises a ‘superfine’ anti-bacterial mist that is dispersed inside the vehicle and throughout the heating and ventilation system.

It penetrates into fabrics, to work on carpets, seats, mats and head linings.

The treatment is certified as effective for long term protection against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) as well as corona and influenza viruses.

The treatment is environmentally friendly and safe, improving air quality and aroma inside the vehicle too.

“This is a perfect addition for garages looking to show customers they are ‘Covid aware’ and are operating safely,” said David.

“It’s a simple process that safeguards everyone – and of course provides a welcome income stream for garages seeking to recover business after the lockdown period.”

To help garages recover from the COVID-19 crisis, EDT Automotive is continuing to offer its existing larger engine treatment machines on a “no capital outlay” basis.

Garages can simply choose the contract length which best suits their business with ‘free installation’ included too.

Find out more about EDT Automotive’s product range by clicking ‘more details’ below or by calling 01233 712341.

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