Vehicle lights undergoing a rapid period of change, experts report

Latest generation H18 and H19 bulbs offer greater precision than H4 and H7

Vehicle lights undergoing a rapid period of change, experts report
Elta's H19 bulb.

Automotive lighting is going through a “particularly rapid period of change”, according to experts at Elta Automotive.

One of these recent developments, from an automotive design perspective, is the LED headlight.

“LED technology benefits the vehicle manufacturers (VMs) in a number of ways, such as energy saving and weight reduction, but particularly in the design freedom they afford,” explains Tim Brotherton, ELTA’s marketing manager.

“Smaller, but more powerful lights are very much the current vogue.

“However, LED is also still seen by the VMs as a legitimate optional extra, for which they can charge, so they have to offer a ‘standard’ option and that, for the time being, remains halogen.

“To facilitate a halogen format in an LED package has necessitated the development of the latest generation H18 and H19 bulbs, which although visually similar to the traditional H4 and H7, are in fact, quite different.

“These derivatives have increased luminous flux – or intensity of light – and greater precision then their H4 and H7 counterparts, which allows VMs to use them in smaller and more rectangular headlight units, while maintaining optimum light output.”

To provide an aftermarket solution for these applications, ELTA has introduced H18 and H19 bulbs into both the iconic Lucas and its own VISIONPRO brands.

Both conform with ECE R37 1,700lm ± eight per cent standardisation.

ELTA Automotive’s complete range consists of more than 600 references catering for cars, light and heavy-duty vehicles and motorcycles.

All are manufactured to the very highest standards using premium quality materials to ensure both high performance and reliability.

For more information concerning VISIONPRO or VXPRO call 01675 466999, email [email protected] or follow the ‘more details’ link.

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