Six more ways to improve MOT management

Specialist MOT auditing consultancy shares tips and advice for independent garage owners

Six more ways to improve MOT management
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Automotive consultancy firm, Fourmative this week continues its MOT management advice series with six more ways to improve MOT management.

Find the first six tips here.

A Fourmative spokesperson said: “These guides are in place to support your MOT Management learning and help you put your plans into action.

“Enjoy the read and good luck, do let us know of your VTS successes and use our other guides to expand your continuous personal development.”

7. Manage change

Identify the areas of self-check that did not meet the standard required.

Ask MOT staff why they feel the standard is not being met and seek participation in the change.

Document the step change that is required and monitor progress toward the fix.

Agree a timetable for implementing the change with the NT staff and reschedule a self-audit to ensure fullest application has been achieved.

Consider re-writing procedures if required and train staff if change is not being achieved.

Applaud success across the team and share the positivity with all involved.

8. Measure impact

Ensure you know what areas are being worked on for change.

The success with MOT Audits come when a risk area is identified, the NT’s recommend and implement change and that the change is sustainable, becoming a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

The MOT Audit should identify either a score or a percentage or perhaps a colour.

If the maximum score is out of 300 and the business reports a total score of 200 per cent, using the same point count then 200/300 = 67 per cent.

It could be that the business has many RED areas, some AMBER and many GREEN.

This RAG rating fits very well with the existing DVSA Standards.

Let all MOT staff know what the scoring criteria is, and where any areas of concern are being monitored towards achieving excellence, then when the improvement is implemented and proven to be sustainable you must reward the success in an appropriate way.

9. Create a scoreboard

Making a meaningful change in your business, as a result of an MOT Audit is a win-win situation.

Sometimes MOT Audits are perceived to be an interruption to the business or DSVA’s way of policing you, instead see it as an opportunity to continuously improve your business toward excellence.

You can use the MOT audit results attained as part of Department scorecards and form personal reviews for MOT team members.

NT’s will gain a greater understanding of what is required of them, processes will improve, efficiency will increase, operating costs will reduce, and the MOT Audit is then owned by everyone, not just AEDM, Site Managers.

10. Check again

Advice on what to do and where to get better will come in all forms, Fourmative really believe that staff improve through involvement, if you ask an NT how their MOT operation can improve you’ll generally get a raft of suggestions, you then decide which ones to implement.

This involvement has far-reaching benefits, with enthusiasm and teamworking coming high up on the list of retention techniques, not least productivity and efficiency improvements regularly seen too across staff and management.

Take counsel from other departments too, consider one Department auditing another, this reflective view will again benefit greeter understanding across your team and bring about a culture of further respect and empathy.

11. Consider an AEC specialist

In June 2019 DVSA created an AEC role for your support and engagement.

These AEC’s go through rigorous training and it is a Level 3 Management qualification that they hold.

The areas they have specialist skills include their ability to help with:
• Test Logs
• Tester Quality Information
• Training records
• DVSA Reports

They will help you write defined actions for your VTS and support you with best practice.

Fourmative provide AEC’s regionally and offer a monthly check service whereby they provide a remote-access view on your performance and give an appraised health check to help you concentrate on real priority areas.

This AEC check can then be a focus for your team with the best-placed people effecting the change.

12. Always raise the bar

So, finally we are at 12, and this has to be about claiming and sharing success.

Reward those that have helped the business achieve the MOT Audit standard required.

If suggestions have been coming in abundance, then ask staff to nominate their MOT Audit champion.

Do not become complacent, and having reached excellence, the real challenge is to see what else you can do to continually raise the bar and get better testing standards across thew whole MOT facility.

Use Social Media and your website to promote awareness of MOT Audit success, your customers will enjoy reading about improvements in your service offering.

Fourmative was founded in 1993 with the underlying principle that still stands today – the desire to truly make a difference to help solve issues, educate staff and managers alike.

For further information about Fourmative, select ‘more details’ below, call 01280 828 100 or email [email protected].

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