Portable Diesel Space Heaters from GSF Car Parts

"Best price per kW in the UK" available for immediate delivery

Portable Diesel Space Heaters from GSF Car Parts

GSF are offering heavy-duty portable paraffin / diesel space heaters delivering significantly better quality and reliability than many other heaters that will cost far more.

Quick, cost-effective heat, no installation, near-100% efficiency, designed to run on diesel, red diesel, paraffin / kerosene or heating oils and supplied with UK 220-240V mains plug.

Features include :

  • Built-in variable thermostat control for auto on / off cycling
  • Digital room temperature read-out (not K-70)
  • Full safety controls include flame-out and overheat shut-down
  • UK manual inc service procedures, trouble-shooting, parts diagrams etc
  • Fast delivery – typically delivered next working day
  • 12 months warranty – spares & service parts in UK stock
  • Heavy duty durable paint finish

Choice of three models :

  ZM-70 ZM-125 ZM-215
Output kW (Btu) 20 (70,000) 36 (125,000) 63 (215,000)
Weight 17 kg 30 kg 37 kg
Max fuel usage 2.0 litres per hour 3.6 litres per hour 6.1 litres per hour
Air flow 400 m3 per hour 900 m3 per hour 1,100 m3 per hour
Tank capacity 20 litre 40 litre 50 litre
Move with Carry handle Trolley & wheels

In stock now with prices from £189 + VAT (ZM-K70) including free delivery.

You can enquire by email using the ‘More Details’ button below or call GSF’s Garage Essential team now on 0121 7498801.

Valid : End Dec '16 only

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