Fantastic battery equipment savings at Hickleys

Save 20 per cent when you buy the Bosch battery support unit and battery tester together

Fantastic battery equipment savings at Hickleys

The Bosch BAT490 battery support unit and the Bosch BAT131 heavy duty battery tester are available in a special package deal with 20 per cent off.

Normally £1500.00 + VAT, you can now get both for just £1200.00 + VAT.

The Bosch BAT490 battery support unit is a compact and solid high-frequency charger with versatile applications.

The powerful battery charger is suitable for charging all 12 V- or 24 V- lead-acid batteries, particularly batteries with fixed electrolyte gel batteries or fleece batteries / AGM.

The floating-mode operation of the BAT 490, with intensities of current up to 90 A, stabilises the vehicle electrical system during diagnosis and reprogramming of control units.

Normally £845.00 + VAT, this unit is currently available with 15 per cent off and is now just £718.25 + VAT.

Bosch BAT490 key features:
  • Solid housing Protection against polarity inversion, overcharge and short circuits.
  • Sawtooth trickle charge.
  • Floating-mode operation and backup mode.
  • Charging at vehicle electrical system.
  • Infinitely variable, regulated charging current.
  • Shorter charging times due to optimized charging process.
  • Variable charge current intensity in the expert mode (0 – 90 A).
  • Automatic detection of 12 V- or 24 V- System.
  • Charging mode for 12 V- / 24 V- lead-acid batteries.
  • Standard program for simple and rapid charging.
  • Expert program with flexible charge parameters.

The Bosch BAT131 heavy duty battery tester is the benchmark in battery testing and is designed for testing all types of 6V and 12V starter batteries, including lead-acid, gel and fleece batteries/AGM.

The rugged, exterior housing is specially designed to survive the harshest workshop conditions and moulded perfectly for one-handed operation.

Normally £655.00 + VAT, the BAT131 is now also available with 15 per cent off, making it just £556.75 + VAT.

Bosch BAT131 key features:
  • Easy to use menu.
  • Test batteries that are installed in or removed from the vehicle.
  • Optimized test algorithm for testing new batteries that are in stock or never been installed.
  • Extended test of the starting/ charging system for 12 V and 24 V batteries.
  • Optional amp clamp upgrade for more extensive starting/ charging system testing.
  • Integrated printer provides easy to read printouts and can be customized to display garage information.
  • USB port for transferring and storing of test results onto a computer.
  • Flexible platform allows for future upgrades.

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Valid : Until December 31, 2015

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