Half a million cars to breakdown this month, experts predict

Data shows drivers will most likely suffer problems with their car in the last week of December

Half a million cars to breakdown this month, experts predict
Around 900,000 drivers will breakdown in the next two months according to historical data but the RAC warns of a lack of mobile network coverage on our roads.

Green Flag has announced that 900,000 motorists will be left stranded at the roadside in the next two months, with more than half a million likely to occur in December alone.

Motorists are most likely to need breakdown assistance on the first day back to work after the Christmas bank holiday, with an average of 43,500 breakdowns recorded by Green Flag.

Batteries are the most common cause of breakdowns during the winter months and vehicles left unused during the Christmas period contribute to the spike in breakdowns on the return to work after Christmas.

Nick Reid, head of rescue at Green Flag, said: “Every year we see a noticeable spike in breakdown rates as the cold weather sets in and people’s cars are left unused.”

Phone signal

Worryingly for motorists, the RAC Foundation has found that 4,561 miles of UK roads have no 2G mobile network coverage to make an emergency call – that’s two per cent of our roads.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “Most of us like to think we are always just a mobile phone call away from help but even in a crowded, high-tech country like Britain the reality is somewhat different.”

Roads in 49 separate local authority areas have no coverage at all and a further 28,975 miles have only partial 2G coverage.

The advice from the experts is to ensure that you’re prepared for the winter weather – read ten tips every motorist should follow this winter and follow the advice from the Good Garage Scheme to prevent roadside breakdowns.

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