Behr Hella Service extends compressor range for hybrid and electric vehicles

New electrically-driven compressors recognised as OE solution for the aftermarket

Behr Hella Service extends compressor range for hybrid and electric vehicles
SANDEN had already developed the first electric compressor for pure electric vehicles by 1990.

Behr Hella Service, the exclusive UK distributor of SANDEN electric compressors, has unveiled an aftermarket solution with OE pedigree to combat the challenges faced by technicians when tasked with air conditioning maintenance on hybrid and electric vehicles.

The thermal management expert now boasts a range that contains the latest generation of electrically-driven, vehicle-specific units from the compressor specialist, SANDEN – providing the ideal, OE solution for the aftermarket.

More than a quarter of the world’s air-conditioned vehicles are fitted with SANDEN compressors.

SANDEN compressors

The second-generation SANDEN electric compressors are not only more compact in design than the original versions, but they have been developed and manufactured to be highly resistant in tough operating conditions, to guarantee a long service life.

In addition, the compressors have no start-up restrictions for quick acceleration, a smoother drive thanks to internal balancing and are designed to have a low oil circulation throughout their operating range, which optimises their service life.

For more than six years, Behr Hella Service has been providing compressors for hybrid and electric vehicles, and just before the announcement of its partnership with SANDEN last year, the company introduced a two-tier programme to provide a clear distinction within its range.

The Premium Line range encompasses 4,500 products made by OE manufacturers and these second-generation compressors naturally fall into the programme and provide the solution for applications such as the Mercedes Benz B-Class and S400 Hybrid, as well as the Volvo V60 HYBRID and the popular Volvo FH16 truck.

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