‘Artiglio Master 28’ latest innovation in CORGHI tyre changers

Crowds gather to see demonstration of iconic Leva la Leva SMART technology at Autompromotec

‘Artiglio Master 28’ latest innovation in CORGHI tyre changers

The latest innovation in the range of CORGHI premium tyre changers is the new Artiglio Master 28, REMA TIP TOP reports.

The machine, which was launched at Autompromotec in Bologna, is the latest tyre changing machine with the ‘SMART Corghi system’ capable of changing 28 inch wheel rims.

The unique system is reported to be the only existing technology on the market that avoids contact with the rim, during any of the work phases and is able to cancel any tension on the tyre during the demounting/mounting phases.

A REMA TIP TOP spokesperson said: “The new demounting tool head is a perfect combination of that found on the Artiglio Master 26 and that on the Artiglio Master CODE, merging the advantages of the two solutions.

“Ergonomic and multifunctional consoles with a display that makes it possible to electronically set the rim diameter and obtain the horizontal
positioning of the work tools in a quick, practical and safe manner.

“Divided into three distinct work areas, it makes it easier to immediately recognise movements and makes the system easier to use for the operator.

“The Master 28 has a dynamic bead breaking device with dual specular bead breaker disc.

“The radial positioning of the discs is made easier by an automation that is able to prevent any manual positioning by the operator.

“Controlled penetration precision, and rapid/repetitive movements are guaranteed by the patented bead breaking system and by the perfectly synchronised and symmetrical motions of the two discs.

“There is enhanced bead breaker force to operate effectively on all types of tyres.”

The Master 28 is equipped with a quicker and universal wheel clamping system.

In the automatic version is a third pedal.

Pressed to release the system which locks the turntable centring handle.

In its rest position, the system which clamps the turntable centring handle is normally active.

The pedal is used during positioning and clamping of the wheel on the turntable, and to release the wheel when the job is done.

Safe and universal wheel clamping is a key feature of the new Master 28.

The axial mounting turntable ensures rapid clamping while permitting bead breaking on both sides without having to turn the wheel itself.

The constant working height has been optimised for ideal operator ergonomics with all wheel types, reducing physical effort.

A fixed work position aids the tyre technician with pedals, consoles and wheel loading on the same side.

A constant working height is for perfect for ergonomic movements.

A wheel lifter is available as a recommended optional extra which effortlessly places wheels of any type onto the turntable.

For further information about the Corghi range, contact REMA TIP TOP’s Bruce Somerville on 07860 449436 or 0113 2770044.

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