Sogefi cabin air filter wins Automotive Component of the Year 2019

Award follows comparative lab testing

Sogefi cabin air filter wins Automotive Component of the Year 2019

Sogefi, the automotive components company of the CIR Group, has named Automotive component of the Year 2019 in Russia.

Tests focused on the cabin air filter for the TOYOTA COROLLA E150 (2006-2010), checking filter capacity, aerodynamic resistance, the average coefficient of dust and the final resistance of the air cleaner.

The committee of the Automotive Component of the Year 2019 conducted comparative examinations of the products in the testing laboratories of FSUE “NAMI”, Research Institute “Avtoelectronics”, CJSC Avtopribor, holding Certification Group.

With this award Sogefi is recognized as the best performing cabin air filter manufacturer in the Russian Aftermarket field.

Sogefi offers three types of cabin air filters to the aftermarket that protect against external pollution as well as bad smells, and fine particles: pollen, activated carbon filters and Cabin3Tech+.

The pollen cabin air filter stops particles bigger than 40 microns, including dust, pollen, bacteria, braking residues, mould, sulphur oxides and exhaust gases.

The activated carbon filter stops particles as well as odors thanks to Sogefi’s high tech design that consists of three filtration layers: one active carbon layer between two layers of non-woven fibres.

In addition, it reduces the concentration of noxious gases inside the car that could cause headaches, irritation and coughing.

Cabin3Tech+ combines the best in cabin filtration technology. It efficiently filters large particles, neutralizes odours and hazardous fumes in the air and stops up to 98.8 per cent of fine particles as small as 2.5 microns thanks to a third layer with electrostatic properties.

Sogefi is one of Europe’s leading vehicle filter suppliers addressing the needs of its partners thanks to its OE-DNA across oil, engine air, fuel and cabin air filters with an all makes coverage for all major European, American and Asian carmakers.

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