REMA TIP TOP highlights CORGHI’s advanced wheel balancers

Touchscreen and contactless now featured on workshop favourites

REMA TIP TOP highlights CORGHI’s advanced wheel balancers

Italian equipment manufacturer, CORGHI, has assembled a “market leading” range of wheel balancers for premium garage work where precision and quality is paramount, REMA TIP TOP reports.

Industry workshop favourites including the CORGHI EM9550C, 9580C, 9780C, 9980C and EYELIGHT have all undertaken design upgrades, with the new ‘PLUS’ classification distinguishing advanced features and benefits.

The latest machines are available exclusively through NTDA award winners REMA TIP TOP.

The latest release from CORGHI is the new ‘CORGHI EM9780C Plus Automatic Line’, which is a professional
wheel balancer equipped with premium touchscreen and contactless technology.

A REMA TIP TOP spokesperson said: “Competitively priced and positioned between the top of the range models and standard CORGHI machines, the EM9780C truly offers the best of both worlds with respect to budget, functionality and performance.”

“The EM9780C balancer is fully automatic, fast and works without ever touching the wheel.

“No manual operations are required by the operator.

“Reduced spin and diagnostic times make the EM9780C one of the fastest on the market.”

REMA TIP TOP recommends the EM9780C for tyre centres, car dealers and car manufacturers dealing with large volumes.

At the top of the range the Corghi EM9980-C Plus features a high-end specification which is perfectly suited to large tyre depots undertaking a constant stream of work.

The spokesperson added: “The new PLUS features include fully automatic operation which guarantees high productivity and high profitability.

“Spin and diagnostic times are also improved by 40 per cent compared to the previous generation and a hidden weight feature which is now fully automatic.

“The new hidden weight programme automatically identifies without contact – the number and position of the spokes in hidden weight balancing mode.

“The EM9980C ‘touchscreen’ interface both simplifies and speeds up operations and work programme selection.

“Furthermore, wheel dimension measurement is undertaken by a contactless system, which is enabled by highprecision laser sensors that automatically measure all wheel dimensions in a few seconds during the
measurement cycle.

“At the end of the spin cycle, the wheel is stopped and brought automatically into the balancing position.”

The EM9980C also features a new automatic electromechanical wheel clamping system, which cuts
operating times and increases centring precision.

The range topping EyeLight Plus DiagnosticLine CORGHI is reported to be one of the most technologically advanced wheel
balancers on the market.

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