Sykes-Pickavant to debut new products at Mechanex Sandown

Company to perform hands-on demonstrations at trade event

Sykes-Pickavant to debut new products at Mechanex Sandown
Sykes-Pickavant's Mechanex 2018 stand.

The Sykes-Pickavant team will be on stand D76 at Mechanex Sandown Park from 12 – 13 November with an array of bestselling products, as well as a range of brand new solutions.

Providing an on vehicle solution for the removal and installation of the rear bearing and wheel hub is the new 08122500 Vito rear gen 2 bearing kit.

Unlike most bearing kits which are only suitable for use on bearings up to 85mm in diameter, this new Sykes-Pickavant kit accommodates the larger 92mm bearing, which is required for the Mercedes-Benz Vito.

The process can be completed without the removal of the ABS sensor, if removal is necessary, it can lead to the sensor being damaged in this process and having to be replaced, adding cost and time.

The kit includes a large finely threaded spindle which eliminates the need for hydraulics whilst helping the bearing alignment for installation.

Another time saving solution debuting at Mechanex is the 09584000 Ford Transit spigot bearing tool for use on 2.2, 2.4 and 3.2l RWD Transits.

The kit allows the seized and damaged bearing to be removed in a confined space where the use of a slide hammer would prove difficult.

The innovative design provides an easier, quicker and safer operation for this common issue.

Without this solution, operators may choose to tackle the bearing with an micro die grinder, however collecting all parts of the destroyed bearing afterwards can prove to be a time consuming task.

The 09584000 allows the bearing to be removed within a much shorter time frame of 10 minutes, providing the operator with a shorter job and less of the clean-up.  

The new digital pressure gauge kit will also be making an appearance at the show, available as part number 33100000 for the comprehensive kit and 331000SP for the digital conversion kit.

The digital gauge display is more accurate than an analogue / needle option and is suitable for use on a wide range of applications.

It also allows for saving of the readings and a print facility to allow the results to be put with the job card for customers to see.

The digital conversion kit is designed especially for use with existing Sykes-Pickavant kits across the compression, oil pressure, cooling system pressure and fuel pressure ranges, utilising backwards compatibility so that owners of these kits do not have to purchase the full kit to update to the digital gauge.

For those that do not have compatible Sykes-Pickavant kits or would like to tackle a wider range of applications, the comprehensive kit is ideal, providing the operator with a large selection of fittings they need to get started on DPF, vacuum, fuel, Ad Blue, cooling system, turbo, oil and compression pressure reading.

The solution is also ‘future-proofed’ as it is pre-programmed to work with kits that have not yet been released by adapting to suit evolving automotive applications.

Using this kit also makes it easier to see small variations in pressure and vacuum which may not be picked up so easily when using an analogue gauge.

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