TecAlliance and Continental develop digital voice control for vehicle workshops

Access to TecAlliance repair and maintenance information by voice command

TecAlliance and Continental develop digital voice control for vehicle workshops

TecAlliance and Continental has developed a prototype of the first digital voice assistant for vehicle workshops as part of a joint innovation initiative.

The voice assistance system, which was presented at Automenchanika Frankfurt, supports mechanics during the initial vehicle inspection.

Based on Cortana for desktop and mobile; it currently understands over 200 voice commands in German and English that control 24 different actions.

Users can also access 22.8 million labour times and 3.9 million repair instructions through an interface to the repair and maintenance information (RMI) of TecAlliance, the provider of leading expert solutions for data management in the automotive aftermarket.

The digital voice assistant can be used primarily for vehicle inspection by the mechanic, but there is a wide range of potential applications in the workshop.

Vehicle inspection

The voice assistance system could utilise its full potential when integrated into a workshop management solution to display prices or spare part availability or transfer the completed order to the accounting department for customer invoicing.

Building on experience, the experts at TecAlliance developed the prototype within three months.

Jürgen Buchert, managing director of TecAlliance, said: “The availability of and access to vehicle and product information are crucial to a workshop’s success.

“The voice assistant enables workshop processes, such as vehicle inspection at check-in and access to relevant repair information directly at the vehicle site, to be further optimised.

“The digital voice assistant is a good example of how we work together with customers to develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the digital automotive aftermarket.

“These innovation initiatives have the potential to flow into new business models.”

Matthias Rödler, head of business process development at Continental, said: “We are sure that easy access to knowledge and efficient processes are decisive for the success of a workshop.

“Digitisation makes both much easier, and that is why we are working hard to make these advantages accessible to aftermarket workshops.”

The technology company is currently working on several innovative concepts for the digital future of vehicle workshops.

For the automotive supplier, the future role of the digital colleague in the automotive aftermarket and whether it will be equipped with an interface to Continental’s “remote vehicle data platform” will depend on the reaction to the new product at Automechanika, among other factors.

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