Exclusive offers on Unipart engine flush and fuel cleaners

GEN 500 series provides advanced protection, cleaning and lubrication for petrol and diesel engines

Exclusive offers on Unipart engine flush and fuel cleaners

Unipart Engine Flush is a unique formulation designed to deliver optimum protection and cleaning performance.

The unique blend of dispersants, detergents and cleaning agents, both liquid and vapour based, are combined with an advanced lubrication package, which is added to the old engine oil prior to an oil change.

Normally £7.47 +VAT, GEN 500 Engine Flush is available for GW readers at £2.49 +VAT, when you order at least 12 units.

Unipart Engine Flush Features:
  • Cleans engine internally while providing excellent anti-wear protection.
  • Removes lacquer, varnish, sludge and other contaminants from the crankcase
  • Frees sticking Piston Rings, Variable Valve Timing, and Hydraulic Valve lifters
  • Stabilises cylinder compression effectively restoring lost engine power
  • Cleans fine Oil Ways ensuring Oil flow to critical moving parts
  • Greatly reduces engine emissions
  • Helps neutralize crankcase acids
  • Ensures new Oil stays clean for longer.

GEN 501 and GEN502 have been developed to deal with servicing and reliability issues which often occur with both petrol and diesel engines, which include poor starting, hesitation, misfiring, lack of power or poor fuel consumption.

All these are difficult to diagnose but are associated with Fuel degradation, water contamination, and oxidation.

The by-products of acid, gums, varnish and other residues that form within the fuel, combustion, and exhaust system cause these issues and can be removed.

Normally £9.86 +VAT, GEN 501 petrol fuel system and injector cleaner is available for £3.28 +VAT for GW readers when you buy at least 12 units.

GEN502 diesel fuel system and injector cleaner is normally £3.29 +VAT and is now available to GW readers for £3.29 +VAT when you buy at least 12 units.

GEN 501/502  Fuel System & Injector Cleaner Features:
  • Reduce harmful exhaust gas emissions & diesel smoke
  • Improve overall fuel economy, engine performance & driveability.
  • Remove gums & varnish from the fuel system & injectors
  • Remove moisture from the entire system
  • Lubricate the fuel system & upper cylinder area.
  • Maintain cleanliness of oxygen sensors and EGR valves
  • Improves lifespan of injectors and catalytic convertor

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