Video: Laser Tools shock absorber tool kit

Overcome access problems and make the job quick and easy with this offer

Video: Laser Tools shock absorber tool kit

When dismantling a suspension strut sometimes the securing nut can be difficult to access and the central strut itself needs to be held still while the nut is undone.

This new Shock Absorber Tool Kit (part number 6182) is designed to overcome these problems and make the job quick and easy.

This toll kit is available now from your Laser Tools stockist at a typical price of £116.84 + VAT, but remember to check for the latest prices and special offers.

Laser 12This clever design allows the strut lock extensions to go right through the middle of the ratchet and socket.

Once the spring is compressed and the top plate is free, simply choose the correct strut lock extension and socket.

Then fit the socket and the ratchet handle, and fit the strut lock straight through. The central strut is held steady, and the securing nut is quickly removed — making what can be an awkward job very easy.

A range of specialist strut nut sockets compatible with this set is also available, for example, 3466 Strut Nut Tools, 5544 and 5581 Mercedes-Benz Strut Nut sockets, and 5754 Strut Nut Kit.

Kit contents:
  • 7 x Go Thru’ deep sockets: 16/17/18/19/21/22/24mm,
  • 3 x 1/2″D Hex bits: 6mm/7mm/8mm,
  • 1 x sliding T-bar 1/2″D,
  • 2 x slot bit sockets
  • 5 x 8mm, 6 x 8mm x 1/2″D
  • 1 x 21mm Hex Go Thru’ ratchet
  • Storage case with EVA foam

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