Crescent Motoring to hold women-only car maintenance night

Female-friendly evening to teach basic maintenance, including wheels, tyres and common MOT failures

Crescent Motoring to hold women-only car maintenance night
Crescent Motoring say women will admit to knowing little about cars, unlike men.

AutoCare garage and Motor Codes National Garage of the Year, Crescent Motoring Services is to hold a ladies’ night tomorrow evening (September 30).

Stuart Watson said: “Our ladies nights are very well attended – in fact, usually oversubscribed in most cases.

“We do find that ladies will admit to feeling uncomfortable in a garage environment.

“They also admit to knowing little or nothing about cars – most men are in the same position but of course they won’t admit it.”

Knowing the basics of car maintenance is important for any motorist, but research shows that women are less confident when dealing with garages than their male counterparts.

Research carried out by Approved Garages in 2014 of over 1,200 female drivers revealed that 50 per cent of the women polled had asked a male friend or family member to join them when getting work done on their vehicle.

A further 34 per cent of those surveyed admitted to having had an unpleasant experience while dealing with a garage, which included feeling intimidated or believing they had been overcharged.

The research highlighted just how far the garage industry has yet to go to make female motorists feel comfortable dealing with garages and confident of a fair and honest service.

AutoCare network manager Maria McCullough said: “Both AutoCare and Approved Garages are renowned as female-friendly networks and one way to get that across is through the sort of ladies’ nights run by Crescent and several more of our members.

“Not only do they teach attendees some very important skills, they also show a human face of the garage to female drivers and promote a sense of trust.”

To find out more about the Approved Garage network and for information on how to join, select ‘More Details’ below.

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