Independents invest in skills with IMI membership

Sister garages Russell Automotive Centre and Garage Express have been presented with IMI certificates

Independents invest in skills with IMI membership
Jane and Steve Russell with the Mayor of Brent.

Run by husband and wife, Steve and Jane Russell, the garages are based in Kingsbury, NW London and were awarded their Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) certificates and plaque by the Mayor of Brent, Councillor Lesley Jones MBE.

The presentation was held in front of a crowd of industry professionals on September 14.

IMI CEO Steve Nash said: ‘It is highly commendable that garages like Russell Automotive Centre have invested in the skills of their employees and are working to a professional standard for the greater good of the customer and the sector.

“Joining the IMI Employer Recognition Scheme is a well-deserved achievement and the IMI is very proud to have Russell Automotive on board.”

The IMI is the professional association for individuals and is the Sector Skills Council for the automotive industry.

It’s thought that IMI membership is the closest thing available to full licensing.

Unqualified people working on vehicles raise issues of safety not only to the driver but to all road users.

Jane Russell said: “It’s imperative that the sector is legally licenced and becoming members of the IMI is a step towards this.

“We are really proud of our team and their achievements and this event has been a celebration of that.”

Select the ‘More Details’ link below for more information about IMI membership.

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