TRW offers ‘perfect match’ discs and pads for LCVs and SUVs

An enhanced programme of high carbon discs and pads from TRW Aftermarket

TRW offers ‘perfect match’ discs and pads for LCVs and SUVs
TRW follows industry trends to offers the 'perfect match' for heavier, more powerful vehicles.

The high carbon brake disc programme, which totals 125 references, offers optimal thermal conductivity.

The use of high carbon in the casting process allows the discs to run cooler, meaning they not only offer superb performance but are less likely to distort and suffer from noise vibration and harshness (NVH) problems such as hot judder and brake squeal.

The range of brake pads manufactured specifically for LCV’s and SUV’s stands at 51 references.

In line with TRW’s safety policy, the pads are coated in Cotec – TRW’s innovative brake pad coating which improves stopping distance for the first stops following a brake pad change.

TRW’s Richard Adgey, Global Product Portfolio Manager IAM, said: “Trends in increased comfort and robustness together with more congestion and a growing desire for speed are driving the popularity of heavier, more powerful vehicles.

“We engineered these programmes to specifically meet the needs of such vehicles, as with a higher output of kinetic energy, they require more braking power.”

“Fitting TRW’s pads and discs together is both the safest way forward for garages and motorists and the most efficient and sensible business option for motor factors.”

Stopping distances

Research shows that each time speed is doubled, the stopping distance quadruples.

And vehicle weight further compounds the issue by putting more pressure on its braking system.

Consumers want longer lasting parts, but at the same time are more demanding in terms of comfort, speed and fuel efficiency.

Since the 1970s, TRW has doubled the lifespan of its parts and invests heavily in R&D to find innovative solutions to cater for ever faster, heavier and more technologically advanced vehicles.

Confidence in the ‘Perfect Match’ is reflected in TRW’s extended three year (or 36,000 mile) warranty against material or production defects when TRW’s brake pads and brake discs are fitted together.

Full terms and conditions of the extended warranty can be found by clicking ‘More Details’ below.

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