Demand for parts transparency has never been more important

Suppliers must provide clear information on OE and non-OE parts, Nigel Morgan explains in exclusive GW interview

Demand for parts transparency has never been more important
Intrigued to find out more about OESAA, we caught up with the chairman, Nigel Morgan.

THE Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) is a non-profit organisation which has seen numerous renowned manufactures join forces to “safeguard the future of the independent aftermarket”, according to the organisation’s constitution.

To find out more about OESAA’s work, we caught up with Nigel Morgan to discuss OE and non-OE parts for GW Views.

Tell us about how the association was originally founded…

“We got together with a number of key brands and we were already working together at Mechanex trade shows under the umbrella of Tech Talk Live.

“We shared the same aims and ambitions to talk directly to workshops and became increasingly aware that there was an increasing number of claims being made about ‘original quality’ or ‘matching quality’.

“A number of brands out in the market place were making claims that, frankly, were not true so we decided that it would be easier to address this issue from a wider platform.”

What role does OESAA play within the automotive aftermarket?

“OESAA stands for fair play.

“We are happy to see that, since our conception, a number of players have revised the wording on their boxes and our aim is to enable the market to make clear decisions on behalf of their end-customers based on real values.

“We’re very much focused on clear labelling so people can make that choice.

“Within our association, we have some members who are not OE on every product that they sell.

“We’re very transparent on that and we list the products that we are OE on.”

Is there a risk of dividing the aftermarket at a time when main dealer competition appears to be strengthening?

“Consumers will always want a choice but deserve the right information to make that choice.

“Surely, there is no better example for the need for this than the VW example.

“I don’t see this as divisive in the market at all. I think that there is a wish at all levels with marketers that they want to be transparent.

“SUPLEX, for example, sell a very good spring and have been campaigning for a very long time for transparency within the market.

“So responsible players don’t necessarily have to be OE players (pull quote), what they want is transparency because they sell a good quality product.”

This interview first featured in Garage Wire Views, click here to continue reading.

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