Federal-Mogul Motorparts preview Equip Auto 2015

An 'FM-For-Me' programme and zero-copper Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads will be showcased on Federal's stand

Federal-Mogul Motorparts preview Equip Auto 2015
Federal-Mogul Motorparts has released a preview of what it will showcase at Equip Auto 2015, in October.

‘FM-For-Me’ is a new service program designed by Federal-Mogul Motorparts for distributors and mechanics, offering automotive professionals- tailored, practical solutions to grow their business.

A ‘parking area’ will be highlighted on the stand enabling consumers to find out more about the program.

A new commercial approach to the Ferodo Eco-Friction range will also be announced at the show, highlighting efforts to meet the changing demands in the braking aftermarket.

Currently fitted as original equipment on the Mercedes-Benz C-class, the ecological brake pads will offer customers an OE quality option in the aftermarket.

Jérôme Gendre, CEO Aftermarket Western Europe, said: “This year is still rich in activity for Federal-Mogul Motorparts: we are consolidating our braking range, including a new configuration for the Ferodo brand and strengthening the positioning of the brand Jurid.

“Throughout the duration of the show, we will welcome our guests on our corporate booth to explain all the benefits of our new business strategy.”

‘FM-For-Me’ has been shortlisted in the category ‘Service – Service areas – Networks of After Sales’ in the sixteenth edition of the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation, of which the prize is awarded by a jury of French and international automotive professional experts.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has already won the gold trophy in the ‘Post & Aftermarket Equipment’ category in the previous edition, with its Ferodo Eco-Friction technology.

Find out more about Federal-Mogul by following the ‘More Details’ link below.

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