Forte offers contamination expertise at seminar

Motor vehicle technicians and students from 40 garages across East Anglia attended event

Forte offers contamination expertise at seminar
Motor vehicle technicians and students from across East Anglia attend Forte's vehicle contamination seminar.

Around 100 garage owners, motor vehicle technicians and students took part in Forté’s ‘Introduction to Contamination’ seminar, which examined how contamination in the fuel and oil systems of modern cars can build up and how it can be resolved through the use of advanced fuel and engine treatments.

Extended service intervals and congested driving conditions can cause a number of contamination-related problems on cars, including engine wear, parts failing and poor fuel consumption; with research by Forté finding that motorists asking their workshop to treat their car with Forté’s Petrol Saver treatment can reduce fuel consumption by as much as
14 per cent.

Phil Dugmore MIMI, Forté’s National Account Manager who presented the seminar, said: “We are delighted that our motor industry colleagues from across East Anglia found the training evening both enjoyable and informative and welcomed the chance to provide an insight into how contamination can affect modern vehicles and how it can be treated.

“Forté has a long-standing commitment to sharing technical knowledge and expertise on all matters relating to vehicle contamination.”

To find out more about Forté’s engine treatments and service programmes select ‘More Details’ below or call the technical helpline on 024 7642 1131.

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