First Line introduce 200 new engine and gearbox mountings

The latest range expansions put the total number of parts at more than 900

First Line introduce 200 new engine and gearbox mountings
First Line engine and gearbox mountings cater for many individual applications and are available on Autocat, TecDoc and the First Line Webcat.

First Line Group’s (FLG) premium quality engine and gearbox mountings have been designed and manufactured with specific rubber bonding and shore hardness characteristics to the fore, to ensure they meet specific vehicle application requirements.

The range includes popular rear stabiliser/anti-torque mountings and modern hydraulic mounts, all of which are individually inspected and approved to ensure they meet FLG’s exacting quality standards.

In a recent press release FLG said: “The combination of advanced product technology and the fact that over time rubber to metal anti-vibration products will wear and deteriorate, as well as the fact that engine and gearbox mountings now form part of the MOT Test, means that these components are fast becoming an important replacement item.”

These vital components are designed not only to provide support and stability, but also to control the noise, vibration and harshness of the vehicle, properties that modern vehicle designers place much emphasis on.

FLG say the product group is becoming ever more complex, making it particularly important for technicians to be fully aware of the significance of their design, where they are now no longer just rubber and metal bonded items, but also specifically manufactured hydraulic filled chambers.

For more information about the FLG click ‘More Details’ below or call 01869 248 484.

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