Garage achieves £30k incremental value since joining WhoCanFixMyCar

Success story reveals how the business achieved a five-figure incremental revenue impact in five months

Garage achieves £30k incremental value since joining WhoCanFixMyCar
Staff at M8 Gear House in Tipston, West Midlands.

Midlands-based M8 Gear House, a one-stop shop for car/van repair and service, was established five years ago by a group of professional engineers and managers with a combined experience of almost 50 years.

Business owner, Linas, found on Google in January 2015 and has since received 100 jobs directly from the website or repeat business, paying just £1,000 commission and received around £30,000 incremental revenue.

Marketing Manager at M8 Gear House, Violeta said: “We recognize that it takes time to build a great reputation, but is helping us do exactly that!

“It’s a great model for us: we receive alerts from local people who need their car fixed – and the platform allows us to really sell our services.”

M8 Gear House also put a call in to every customer once they’ve applied, so that they really know what’s on offer.

Once the work has been done, the garage always asks for a review, both via the website and in-person as they hand the car back.

For £1.53 a week, members are sent local job alerts by email and text.

They can quote for the work online or by phone, and pay a small commission of around £10 when the car comes in – any upsell, or repeat business, is theirs to keep.

To find out more about and to sign up, click the ‘More Details’ link below.

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