Garage owner laughs off vehicle inspection pit fall incident

A customer fell into the pit while looking for a member of staff at the garage in London

Garage owner laughs off vehicle inspection pit fall incident

Footage has emerged showing the moment a customer falls into a vehicle inspection pit at a garage in London.

It’s being reported that the customer was searching for a member of staff while her Nissan Micra was undergoing an MOT at the end of October 2023.

The woman walked into the workshop area, between her car and two members of staff who were facing the other way. Failing to notice the pit, she tumbles down the stairs, leaving her shaken but largely unharmed.

Garage owner Shaqib, who didn’t want to give his full name, said: “She was there to get her car fixed. She was looking for one of my colleagues to have a word.

“The tumble happened so suddenly that she wasn’t entirely sure what happened – despite apparently being swallowed by the Earth.

“She knows all of the staff well and she just wanted to chat. The whole thing happened so randomly I don’t think she even realised what had happened.

“She was hurt but she only had some minor bruises. It was just a funny thing. We were all laughing about it.”

Source: SWNS


  1. HE won’t be laughing when health and safety pay him a visit

  2. and thats why i dont allow customers in the workshop

  3. Ive had similar, where a customer wants to “have a look” or get involved and largely dont like being told to stay in the waiting area. Ultimately its the garage owners responsibility

  4. Did anyone notice the bad earth on the NSR position lamp ? I hope the TESTER spotted that !!! NSR position lamp affected by the operation of another lamp is the RFR

  5. Donkey. No restraining straps.

  6. what are customers doing in the workshop mot bay
    i bet the dvsa would like that

  7. He wants to count himself lucky she’s not suing for thousands. She’d be within her rights even though she shouldn’t have been walking around the workshop area. Maybe the garage owner in truth, is holding his breath rather than laughing it off 🫣


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