Mechanic sacked after being caught speeding in customer’s car

Dash cam footage shows the mechanic doing 78mph in a 60mph zone

Mechanic sacked after being caught speeding in customer’s car
Photo: Google Street View

National Tyres and Autocare, which is owned by Halfords, has sacked one of its mechanics after he was caught speeding in a customer’s car.

Dash cam footage shows Gareth Lanka’s SEAT Ibiza hitting 78mph in a 60mph zone after he had taken it to the Bishop Auckland branch for a routine service and four new tyres.

Gareth told The Northern Echo he “couldn’t believe it”, adding: “It is like they have hired The Stig and he took my car out for a spin. He has really ripped the guts out of it. I have never driven that way myself.” 

The footage shows the mechanic exiting a roundabout at speed before overtaking a van. He also changes the radio station to listen to what Gareth describes as a “dancey tune”.

He adds: “He is doing almost 80mph in a 60 zone. By doing that he is putting my licence at risk. If he went through a speed camera those points would have come through my letter box, it could have been me losing my job.

“When I picked it up [the car], it had a vibration. When you go 50mph or above the sun visor shook, my gearstick shook, the back of my legs shook. I could feel it and passengers could feel it as well.

“I was gobsmacked with what I have seen on the footage.

A spokesperson for Halfords said a 20-minute test drive was specified in the terms and conditions presented to Gareth, but admitted that the mechanic crossed a line, saying: “Halfords acknowledges a recent incident involving an employee who breached company policy by exceeding the national speed limit during a routine test drive, resulting in their dismissal. 

“We have committed to re-assessing the vehicle under the supervision of a senior technician, and we are pleased to confirm that the customer has agreed to have the car checked.” 

The company has supplied four new Pirelli tyres, replaced the brake pads and shoes, and offered to cover the cost of a service at a SEAT franchised dealer.

Gareth said: “The area manager has been really helpful throughout but I cannot say the same for the head office who had been dragging their heels. I am just pleased that it has finally been resolved.”

Source: The Northern Echo

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  1. and this coming from a company who have brought car safety into the throw away market. join our club and we’ll MOT your car free. just how low will big companies go to grab monies.


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