Hundreds of tyres dumped on the shore of Loch Ness

Fly-tippers disposed of the tyres at a popular beauty spot

Hundreds of tyres dumped on the shore of Loch Ness
Photo: Ness District Salmon Fishery Board/Facebook

A clean-up operation is underway after 300 used tyres were dumped on the Loch Ness shoreline in January.

Fly-tippers used a popular lay-by near Drumnadrochit to dispose of the tyres, which were discovered while members of the Ness District Salmon Fishery Board were making a film for social media.

Director Brian Shaw said: “We had pulled up there and got ready to do some filming when I looked over the edge.

“It’s very precipitous ground, maybe 60 to 70ft (18 to 21 metres) down to the loch, and lying at the bottom of the slope were at least 100 tyres.

“It is shocking someone would do that.”

Further investigations revealed that the number of tyres is closer to 300.

A spokesperson for the the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) added: “On Monday 29 January, we were made aware by the Ness District Salmon Fisheries Board of a large quantity of tyres disposed of on the banks of Loch Ness near Drumnadrochit.

“A Highland Council officer has attended the site and enquiries are ongoing. SEPA are investigating the incident together with the Council, which has its own plans in place for the safe removal of the tyres. We will continue to liaise with partners until this is complete.”

Although many tyres have been removed, the rest will be disposed of by public bodies and other organisations.

Source: BBC

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