Independents reap benefits from business boosting EDT treatment

Treatment increases fuel economy, power and torque

Independents reap benefits from business boosting EDT treatment
More and more independent garages are offering EDT treatment on a wide range of vehicles.

Engine detox specialist, EDT Automotive has reported a surge in interest among independent garages taking advantage of EDT’s business boosting ‘engine deep clean’ service.

There are now around 30 independent garages registered to offer EDT engine decontamination treatment and Jon Tatnall, Sales Director at EDT Automotive, told GW that he expects the current enquiry rate to surpass the companies original goal of over 100 machines in the UK by early 2016.

Positive customer feedback

Andrew White, owner of Independent Jaguar specialist, AWJ Automotive, is one of the independent garages registered to carry out the treatment and said that he was “a little sceptical” at first but soon discovered the benefits for him and his customers.

He said: “We have carried out the treatment on varying vehicles from 2.0D X-Types, 2.7D S-Types, Daimler Super V8(X350) and even a Chevrolet Corvette and we have had nothing but positive feedback from all customer.”

Anthony Sevis Owner Dukes Park, owner of Dukes Park Automotive in Chelmsford, Essex said that EDT treatment has generated additional business just from word of mouth.

Additional business

He said: “I offer this to everyone and most have it done immediately, adding additional revenue to the job with little effort.

“We were recently given a Audi A8 with a warning light nobody could cure, the car was continuously going into limp mode.

“After diagnosis and driving the car I felt it had lost power so I suggested an EDT treatment, this has resolved the problem nobody else could fix.”


The EDT machine cleans petrol or diesel engines with an environmentally friendly solution, taking just 15 minutes to remove up to half a litre of thick black sludge.

EDT say the results are close to doing a manual engine strip, with fuel economy increased by up to 20 per cent, power increased by up to 6bhp and torque increased by up to 7ft-lb.

Harmful emissions are also significantly reduced: CO by an average 66 per cent and diesel smoke by an average 58 per cent.

Click ‘More Details’ below to find out how to save your customers money with EDT.

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