New MOT testing service smartphone app meets mixed response

News of a new smartphone app which is set to replace MOT security cards from mid-February has received mixed response from testing stations.

Many have welcomed its anticipated launch as a positive step forward.

Commenting on the DVSA’s Matters of Testing blog, Ian said: “About time, just need to be able to photograph reg [plate] and chassis now and make it really easy to log a test.”

The app will generate a six-digit code to allow access to the MOT testing service.

Users will still be able to sign in via email or by using their existing security card, as long as the card is still working.

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Once a user sets up the app it will replace their security card and will only be able to login via the app or through their email.

However many more have voiced reservations about how successful the app rollout will be.

Peter said: “If it works it will be good but I know from experience with this through my work and the MOT systems this will not be the case.

“But let’s see what will happen if you app crashes can your email system keep up with demand of thousands of emails at once.”

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MOT security cards were rolled out in 2016 to replace a PIN system.

Testers raised early concerns about the cards with predictions of card failure and loss – both of which quickly became common issues.

Automotive consultancy, Fourmative currently receives weekly calls about lost or damaged security cards.

Now though, more changes are being made to improve MOT testing service security and user experience.

Not all are convinced on the security front though.

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Tont said: “As I remember the original idea behind the security card was to improve security if someone learns my/your login details.

“The card was introduced as an extra security measure to ensure that no one else could log in [with] my/your account without applying a one off authentication code as produced by the security card.

“Seems to me to be a step backwards.”

The biggest criticism against the new app is the use of personal phones in the workplace.

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Mark said: “It sounds great but we shouldn’t have to use any of out personal email addresses or phone for work use.

“Mobile phones in the workplace are just a distraction and a hazzard.

“It won’t help with fraud you will still be able to log on anywhere.”

In response, Kyle said: “You can tell the old timers from the youngsters.

“If your using your own data it’s not going to brake the bank a few minutes to log in and those moaning about using mobile phones at work it’s once a day.

“So first thing in the morning just before the first mot.

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“It’s not required every test. Stop being dinosaurs and come forward with the times.”

Austin Newman commented: “If an MOT station cannot or will not supply a tablet for use by their staff to benefit the business then they need to close the doors and go home.

“A tablet cost £200, that’s four MOTs at £50.

“Techs then can have vehicle technical data, lubricant look ups, and everything that helps fix todays vehicles at their finger tips.”

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