Motor Codes investigates ‘worst car ever’

Owners leave Toyota Aygo outside dealership with unique message detailing all of its faults

Motor Codes investigates ‘worst car ever’
The Toyota Aygo was left outside of the dealership that the couple bought it from.

After years of ‘nightmare’ breakdowns, Megan Dixon and boyfriend Daniel Mason parked up their car outside RRG Macclesfield where they were offered just £2,500 to buy it back.

Megan bought the car in December 2013 and claims that it has suffered a multitude of problems and has been through three clutches, two engines and a broken driver’s seat.

DIY vehicle signage in electrical tape describe it as the ‘worst car ever’ and a list of the faults can be seen on the windows.

Megan said: “Toyota talk about complete customer satisfaction, but I’m not satisfied at all.

“They’ve accused me of being a boy racer because of the condition of the clutch.

“I’ve been in tears in there.

“It’s under a five-year warranty but each time I get it back they’re giving me a car with faulty parts that doesn’t remotely live up to expectations.’

A Toyota spokesman said: “We apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience that Ms Dixon has been caused.

“We are committed to standing by the terms of the warranty cover and address any manufacturing defect that occurs with the warranty period of five years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

“As this matter has been referred to Motor Codes, we are aware they are investigating further and we will await their response.”

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