Motorist takes on dealership over mis-sold EV range

The £41,000 two-year-old Audi never met the quoted 150 mile range

Motorist takes on dealership over mis-sold EV range
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Sean Ross, a Scottish motorist, wasn’t happy with the real-world range of his Audi e-Tron. Disgruntled by the shortfall between the advertised figures upon purchase and his experience, he took his case to the Financial Ombudsman – and won.

This decision could set a precedent for similar complaints. Mr. Ross received a full refund of his deposit and was allowed to return the car.

The crux of the issue is misleading information. Mr. Ross believed he’d get 150 miles per charge based on sales materials and a salesman’s talk at the Arnold Clark dealership before purchase.

His complaints within days of purchase fell on deaf ears initially. The dealership suggested the car needed to “learn” his driving habits. Undeterred, Mr. Ross persisted. The car went through inspections and tests in 2023, but the problems continued. Finally, the Financial Ombudsman stepped in.

The watchdog highlighted the lack of clear information provided about the car’s true achievable range. They noted the advertised range likely referred to ideal conditions, not real-world driving. Additionally, the used car’s battery wouldn’t perform identically to a new one.

This lack of transparency proved crucial. The ombudsman stated, “Had he been adequately informed, I don’t think he’d have acquired the car.”

Considering the car’s age, mileage, and price, the ombudsman concluded a reasonable person wouldn’t expect such issues.

This case isn’t isolated. Concerns about advertised electric vehicle range have been brewing for some time. A What Car? investigation revealed a significant gap between manufacturer lab tests and real-world battery life, with shortfalls of up to 38% in cold weather.

Mr. Ross’s message to other drivers is clear: “Review the marketing material… consider if you were mis-sold.”

Source: Daily Mail


  1. This opens the door to A LOT of complaints

  2. We should be going Hydrogen, like many other countries are and we would not be experiencing all these issues that we are with EV’S but the clowns in government are pushing us into EV’s ! ,,,

  3. Alot of EV cars are now aging and up for onward sale, because everyone wants a car with a dying battery pack.


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