Concerns raise ahead of new speed limiter rule for new cars

All new vehicles sold in Europe will be fitted with a speed limiter from July 6

Concerns raise ahead of new speed limiter rule for new cars

Mandatory speed limiters set to be introduced in July under new European Union rules could lead to “concern” and “uncertainty” amongst drivers, industry experts have said.

The new rule will see all new vehicles fitted with intelligent speed assist (ISA) technology to ensure drivers stick to speed limits in a bid to reduce accidents and save lives.

While the UK has now left the EU, the government has kept a number of new driving laws.

The speed limiters use technology similar to GPS devices to help recognise the local speed limit in that area – the system will then send a warning to the driver via the dashboard to remind them of the speed limit.

A spokesperson for Lease Electric Car said: ”There is always likely to be concern and uncertainty from some motorists when new changes and regulations are implemented.

“Ultimately these proposed changes are for the safety of the driver and other road users.

“Although these systems can be overridden and removed, we believe it is a positive message that all new cars will include this technology.

“Too many incidents are caused by reckless speeding every year and this could be a step in the right direction in trying to reduce this number.”


  1. I only drive older prestige older cars, and I’d over ride the dam thing .

  2. The goverment should be addressing the main factor of car accidents which is human error and the state of mind of person is in when behind the wheel or in charge of a vehicle. Just another control factor in my opionion, speed related accidents have dropped from 2020 to present not gone up so why waste resorces did the speed cameras not work then?
    How many car accidents are caused by speeding? Exceeding speed limit contributed to 4,391 car accidents in Great Britain in 2020 (7.3% of accidents) and Travelling too fast for conditions was a factor in 3,658 (6.1%).Feb 14, 2022


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