REMA distribute Corghi Alpha to Omega balancing solutions

Corghi wheel balancers are manufactured with specifications perfectly suited to workshop demands

REMA distribute Corghi Alpha to Omega balancing solutions
TouchScreen – Corghi Top of range Wheel Balancers.

In a recent statement REMA Tip Top has said that all Corghi machines are built on quality, even at entry level where good value attracts many small independent garages.

Corghi’s entry level PROLINE is a great reference point for those wishing to explore low volume, reliable wheel balancing solutions.

Functioning in both static and dynamic balancing modes, the PROLINE 640 is an electronic wheel balancer with display for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motorcycles.

This machine also has 7 ALU programmes (5 statistical ALUs + 2 ALU P) with OPT flash for weight optimisation.

Useful “Hidden Weight” for ALU P programmes for car wheels and “Split Weight” for Motorcycle ALU programmes provide added functionality.

At the top of the Corghi range are TouchScreen Wheel Balancers, ideal for large tyre depots undertaking a constant stream of work.

The EM9580 opens the range, taking in both the EM9980C and Eyelight.

If you want to pitch somewhere between on budget you may well be suited to the extra refinement in the EM9980C without losing out on some of the extra benefits.

Wheel dimension measurement is undertaken by a touchless system, which is enabled by high precision laser sensors that automatically measure all wheel dimensions in a few seconds during the measurement cycle.

At the end of the spin cycle, the wheel is stopped and brought automatically into the balancing position (RPA).

The integrated LED light illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and application of the counter weights, the internal laser pointer indicates the correct position for adhesive counter weights.

Click ‘More Details’ below to find out more about REMA Tip Top.

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