Revealed: the true cost of BMW, Audi and Mercedes maintenance

WhoCanFixMyCar data reveals which of the three german brands cost the most to maintain

Revealed: the true cost of BMW, Audi and Mercedes maintenance
Data shows that Audi repairs tend to cost more than on BMW or Mercedes.

Audi repairs cost 12 per cent more across the three brands and are 26 per cent more than the average Mercedes repair estimate, according to WhoCanFixMyCar data.

It’s a trend which doesn’t vary across the core model categories – whether A3, A4 or A6 – repair quotes are higher than the equivalent BMW or Mercedes.

Mercedes consistently registering the lowest estimated repair bill against their two greatest rivals, although the A-Class estimates are higher than might be expected.

Audi and BMW’s smaller models attract lower estimates than their bigger stablemates, compared to almost identical repair bills between the A-Class and the E-Class.

Behind the stats

Explaining the data, WhoCanFixMyCar said: “All three brands record comparable average quote pricing for the most regularly required work, such as servicing, new batteries, braking and exhaust system.

“However, the real gaps open up when requesting less-frequent repair types, such as clutch replacement, cambelt replacement, issues with central locking and the like.”

The average transmission repair quote was £94 dearer on an Audi than a Mercedes.

Within the ‘engine and cooling’ category, both water pump replacement and fuel pump replacement showed Audi repair quotes to be 18 per cent higher than the class average.

Vehicle lifecycle

“Repair work such as replacement cambelts, clutches, water-pumps and fuel pumps tend not to afflict a car in the first few years of its life, and our data reflects that perfectly.

“Where the car is under six years old, service and maintenance quotes vary between the three brands by just a few pounds.

“A noticeable, and consistent, gap only opens up beyond a car’s sixth birthday.

“At this stage, garages’ quotes for Audi repair work trend around £50 above Mercedes, and £25 above BMW.”

The data also showed that repair quotes tend to get cheaper as the car gets older for all brands.

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