Six common vehicle symptoms to watch out for

Older vehicles are the 'emissions culprits', say Millers

Six common vehicle symptoms to watch out for
Failing to address basic problems will lead to the vehicle failing the emissions part of the MOT.

Common faults, including seemingly small problems, can lead to higher emissions, increased fuel consumption and could even lead to an MOT refusal certificate, Millers Oils has said.

Highlighting the concern over emissions, particularly around older diesel vehicles, Millers Oils has published a list of common symptoms and faults to look out for.

Reduced fuel economy

This can be caused by injectors clogging, leading to a less effective atomisation of fuel.

All pump fuel now contains a small percentage of biodiesel which can also contribute to injector blocking.

Increased engine noise

This can often be caused by a carbon build up in the combustion chambers or low quality diesel fuel with a low Cetane number.

Cetane has a power rating similar to the Octane rating used in petrol specifications.

Black exhaust smoke

This can be a symptom of clogged injectors that lead to larger non-combusted particles passing out of the exhaust.

It can also be caused by a blocked air filter.

This could be the result of vehicles that have been poorly re-mapped and as a result are ‘over fuelling’ and injecting too much fuel for the combustion process to burn. 

Reduced Power

As engines age they become less efficient with wear and tear on engine components.

A simple clean up of the engine components may be all that is required.

Poor running engine

This can be caused by blocked fuel injectors leading to uneven combustion.

There are other causes like a blocked fuel filter or a faulty EGR valve.

DPF/EML warning lights 

A common cause of the DPF or EML lights illuminating is a blocked DPF filter and if this is not addressed it can lead to a costly repair bill.

In a statement, Millers Oils said: “A simple and cost effective way to treat many of these symptoms is to use a reputable brand of fuel additive.

“Millers Oils have an Ecomax product to treat both diesel and petrol engines that can often solve many of these problems very quickly.

“There are also specific products in the range to treat fuel injectors and a separate DPF additive to regenerate the diesel particulate filter.

“Fuel additives are an easy, fast solution to many of these problems and if drivers continue to use them they will benefit from a cleaner, more economic and more powerful driving experience.”

For further information about Millers Oils, select ‘more details’ below.

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