Why cabin air filters are a growing opportunity for your garage

Cabin air filters sector achieves annual growth rates well in excess of ten per cent

Why cabin air filters are a growing opportunity for your garage
Sogefi sales manager UK and Ireland, Nigel Duffield.

According to Sogefi, around 97 per cent of new vehicles in Europe are now fitted with cabin air filters, regardless of whether they are already equipped with air conditioning.

Cars equipped with cabin air filters now account for 85 per cent of the total European car parc – a proportion set to increase even further in coming years.

Over the past three years, sales of cabin filters have increased by 50 per cent in the European market and in the period of 2014 to 2015, cabin air sales in the UK and Ireland have risen by nearly 32 per cent.

Types of cabin filters

There are two types of cabin air filter: pollen filters for passenger compartments and activated carbon filters for passenger compartments.

Through its well respected Fram, CoopersFiaam and Purflux brands, Sogefi offers the aftermarket both types of filter which correspond to OE specifications.

Nigel Duffield, Sogefi aftermarket sales manager said: “Pollen air filters screen out all particles larger than 40 microns, including bacteria, pollen and exhaust gases.

“Activated carbon filters use an active carbon layer between two layers of non-woven fibres to screen out odours as well as particles, as well as reducing the likely concentration of noxious gases inside the car that can cause headaches and coughing.”

Bacteria build-up

Duffield explained that the longer cabin air filters remain in the car, the worse the accumulation of bacteria inside the vehicle becomes, restricting the flow of fresh air into the cabin.

“In an urban environment, filter efficiency reduces even faster, especially in traffic jams and at low speeds when exhaust gases can create a dangerous gas tunnel in the cabin,” he added.

“So, it’s pretty safe to say that cabin air filters must be changed as a standard during the annual service.”

To find out more about Sogefi, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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